Thursday, February 16, 2012

Insert Air Here

This is my second "adult" post and it has now been over a month since I said I would post something in 24 hours. Does that make me a bad person? Well, no, not in and of itself, but if I'd been delaying posting because I was busy throwing kittens and babies into the river, it would.

It seems that my manager convinced me that if I posted all of the truly funny (but disgusting) images on this blog that I had originally intended, it might not be good for my career. He reminded me that as I continue to attempt to crowbar my way into the TV business, all it would take is one network exec to say, "I don't feel good about putting this pervert's show on in prime time. Have you seen the blog where he posts pictures of weird sex toys? I think he might be ill," and my lifelong dream of being just like Merv Griffin would be shattered like an eggshell under a gorilla's hiking boot.

But even so, I can't help posting this picture of an old-school blow-up doll. I snapped this shot at the adult retail trade show I attended in LA in January. This little lassie didn't seem to have enough air in her to remain upright (I have that problem, too, sometimes) so it made her look all the more creepy. But no matter how much air pressure she manages, nothing takes the creep-factor out of that photo-printed face with the oh-so-kissable mouth. Truly, this is an imaginary girlfriend that one can be proud to take to dinner, social events, and even home to meet the folks.

Ya'll come back again sometime and see what else I'm up to. I'll still reserve this blog for the occasional posting of a more adult nature. In spite of my manager's better judgement, I kind of can't resist.

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